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Incorporated in the year of 2016,SmartWays took small steps starting in 2016 with the focus on exploring the best quality organic fruits in the world, which are dehydrated in hygienic conditions. Smartways had tied with reputed dehydrated fruits manufacturers in Thailand, US & European countries which acquires fruits from best organic farms, industries. Smartways became the first ever dehydrated fruits importer in South India with an aggregated import of more than 100 tons of dehydrated fruits per year.

It’s been observed in the market that  inorganic quality dehydrated fruits have been sold and are not reachable for common man. As we knew the dehydrated fruits have good health benefits, which are rich in nutrients, fibre, iron, etc. and wastage of the fruits will be nullified and easily stored and preserved. This sowed the seeds for us at Smartways. With a group of inspired colleagues, we set out on a lifelong journey of passion and commitment. We named our service BERRY BASKET. Delving into the ancient Upanishads of India and sourcing from the Rig Veda, we drew upon the primary elements of nature. “Tvam Bhumir Apo Analo Anilo Nabha” – You alone are Earth, Water, Fire. Air and Ether is the blend of all basis elements that compose wholesome food.

It has been a challenging journey from 2016 to now. Today 600+ traders sell our products of dehydrated fruits across India which majorly includes Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Orissa, Gujarat, Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh.

During the pandemic we realised these dry fruits and dehydrated fruits (immunity boosting) are being sold at sky high prices and also with compromised quality.Thats when we introduced Berrybasket,One of its kind of store where 300+ health promoting natural fruits, nuts and other food items are available with no compromise in quality and taste. And wait, we ensured to provide these quality products at much better prices than your local vendors. This is our promise that we don’t sell any  products that use artificial flavors (any product as such, will be mentioned on the packing),all our products undergo a 4 layered check before they are packed and along with this we assure you the best price.


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