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Dry Fruit Chikki is a popular and traditional ready to eat Indian candy made with a mix of almond, cashew, pista, sugar and ghee or oil. Traditionally dry fruits or sweets are given or received as gifts during diwali festival. Chikki is a very common sweet available anywhere in India.

You often find groundnut chikki made with groundnuts and jaggery available in most of the shops from a very small tea stall to a big mall. Other popular variety of Chikkis are Til (sesame seeds) Chikki, Kaju Chikki (made with cashew nuts), Flax seeds Chikki (made from flax seeds also known as ‘alsi’), Shredded Coconut Chikki (made with coconut shreds).

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Dry fruit Chikki is usually a special variety of chikki as prepared mostly during festivities or occasions. Dry fruit chikki is a yummy snack that is commonly prepared on Lohri, a popular harvest festival celebrated in the states of Punjab, Haryani, Delhi and some parts of Himachal Pradesh. Along with preparing the dry fruit chikki, they also prepare a variety of traditional foods on this festival.


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